Beaumont's partners have a wealth of global experience, that affords our clients the benefit of local insight, trusted methodologies and refined assessment capabilities. Relying on best practices gained at five search companies spanning Asia and Europe, the steps involved in our project delivery are as follows:

  1. 01 Firstly a definitive study of the client's environment is conducted. This usually involves time with primary decision makers, stakeholders and a number of peers, to gain a clear understanding of your company's culture, the dynamics of the position as well as the expectations for performance.
  2. 02 A project specification is collaboratively produced. This document clearly defines the skills, competencies and critical areas of experience required for success in the role.
  3. 03 The research phase is conducted by experienced industry savvy researchers. They utilize their network, proven cold calling techniques and web based search tools to cover the market and identify the most promising targets.
  4. 04 Initial screening enables the candidate pool to be narrowed down to a viable shortlist. Competency based assessment in a face to face setting further defines the search parameters.
  5. 05 Offer management entails validating the client's decision via informal, external views, and rigorous reference checking. Beaumont motivates the selected candidate, handling the transition process and subsequent in-housing.